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Farm Time Friends is a one-on-one, unique opportunity for individuals with all kinds of needs to interact verbally and socially with animals on the farm. 

Their interactions on the farm can help develop…

Sensory Processing

The wide variety of experiences on the farm offers an excellent environment for developing sensory processing skills.

Social Skills

We offer a safe place to grow social skills through developing non-judgmental relationships with animals.


Caring for the farm animals encourages empathy, self-confidence and a sense of accomplishment.

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Each session is catered to the individual and their specific needs.

Our multi-sensory approach to learning allows participants to care for animals and connect to the world around them in their own unique way.

During each 55-minute session, they’ll interact with a wide variety of farm animals including goats, chickens, dogs, cats, ducks, llamas and more!

What People Are Saying

It is the best program he has ever done!

My son has been attending for over a year now. It is the best program he has ever done. He has gained so many wonderful skills. He looks so forward to his weekly sessions. Farmtime friends are amazing and I highly recommend them.

- Melanie

The program has been a home run for our family.

Farm Time Friends has far exceeded our expectations. We expected our 20 year old son with autism to benefit from the calming effect of working with animals, but he also is learning responsibility and taking pride in the tasks he accomplishes. Almost like a job training program for him to learn to listen and perform tasks as directed.

- Andrew

My 11-year-old twin boys with ASD absolutely love coming here!

It has been the best therapy they have ever received. One boy typically does not tolerate any therapy or directed interactions but he thrives here. It is both calming and enjoyable for both of them. LeAnn and Shelley are just amazing with the kids. They truly care and want your kids to grow and succeed ! I can't say enough about this wonderful service!

- Charity

It has helped her in so many ways.

My daughter goes every week and she looks forward to seeing her farm friends. It has helped her in so many ways, with her anxiety, responsibility also with her learning what day of the week it is and a better concept of time.



About Farm Time Friends

After seeing the immense benefits farm time had for LeAnn’s ASD son, LeAnn and Shelley started Farm Time Friends in 2015.

Together, they are passionate about helping kids who experience life differently connect and grow through their interactions on the farm.

Farm Time Friends is so wonderful for my daughter. 

We have been going to the farm for a year and it really is our happy place!  My daughter is 13 and developmentally like a 3 year old.  She struggles with impulse control and understanding that you need to be gentle with animals.  She has Autism, Cognitive Impairment, motor planning challenges and limited speech. 


She is always excited to see LeAnn and Shelley when she gets to the farm.  She continues to improve tolerating brushing the animals.  She used to immediately push the animals away when they were put on her lap and now she has truly transformed.  She is now very curious about the animals and often enjoys having them on her lap and is even initiating petting them herself.  She has formed a special bond with her favorite chicken Tipsy, she holds her gently and Tipsy snuggles up it her.  It’s absolutely incredible. 


LeAnn and Shelley are patient, sweet, loving, gentle, and encouraging.  They persist in helping my daughter, nudging her to continue to tolerate and extend her skills without making her anxious since they authentically emotionally connect with her.  We love Farm Time Friends and LeAnn and Shelley. 

- Gena

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Conveniently located in Corcoran MN.

The 8 acre property offers plenty of room to explore, and our heated barn gives us a comfortable place to meet year-round.

Contact Us to Register

Farm Address

23525 Strehler Rd

Corcoran, MN 55357





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